Rob Weinert-Kendt, an arts journalist and editor of American Theatre magazine, has written for The New York Times and Time Out New York. He writes a blog called The Wicked Stage.
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Rob Weinert-KendtApril 12, 2010
Three plays showcase stage and screen talent.
Rob Weinert-KendtNovember 16, 2009

'Hamlet' doesn’t just epitomize the privileging of talk over action; this is, in fact, the play’s anguished subject.

Rob Weinert-KendtJuly 20, 2009
The play of the year is not on Broadway and was not featured at the recent Tony Awards. It is a sprawling yet intimate drama set in a brothel in the war-torn Congolese jungle, with the decidedly gloomy title “Ruined.” That may sound like unlikely hit material, but it is hard to argue wit
Rob Weinert-KendtJuly 06, 2009
Transmuting the horrors of the Congo into a memorable evening of theater is the core achievement of 'Ruined.'
Rob Weinert-KendtMay 11, 2009
Why do assorted crowned heads keep cropping up in our popular narratives?
Rob Weinert-KendtMarch 16, 2009
Two shows now playing in New York have Christian faith and institutional authority as central themes.