John W. Miller is a Pittsburgh-based writer and former staff reporter and foreign correspondent for The Wall Street Journal.
Faith Faith in Focus
John W. MillerJanuary 11, 2019
There are three things you need to orient yourself in times of crisis and change, a monk told me: divine inspiration, the facts of your life and a wise witness to certify that you’re living in reality.
Arts & Culture Books
John W. MillerDecember 19, 2018
Adam Fisher's oral history of Silicon Valley chronicles the genesis and sometimes fall of every tech giant, the invention of key technologies and the development of cultural institutions around the industry.
Image: America/iStock
Arts & Culture Ideas
John W. MillerNovember 28, 2018
My mistake, typical of white Americans, was treating slavery as if it were a mystery buried in the past.
Politics & Society Features
John W. MillerNovember 02, 2018
As Facebook, Apple and Google pour billions into artificial intelligence, ethicists and moral philosophers are racing to keep up, and Catholic thinkers are looking ahead to the possible harms to humanity.
Politics & Society Features
John W. MillerMay 17, 2018
As states continue to close large state-run institutions designed to house large numbers of people with cognitive disabilities, the United States faces a new crisis: a shortage of new nonprofit group homes.
Image: Composite from Shutterstock/ photo by John W. Miller
Politics & Society Features
John W. MillerFebruary 06, 2018
Moundsville, while in decline, has never been nearly as bad as the picture of rusting hell Mr. Trump painted in his inauguration address.