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September 2020

Vol. 223 / No. 3

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Faith Of Many Things
Matt Malone, S.J.August 21, 2020

An ambitious computer training program for at-risk youth seeks to be an engine for building a middle class for El Salvador.

Magazine Letters
Our readersAugust 21, 2020

Letters on discerning out of religious life, Julian of Norwich and Catholic schools in the time of coronavirus.

Politics & Society Editorials
The EditorsAugust 21, 2020

The church can be an instrument of reunion, bringing together the voices of individual citizens and ushering a Christian sense of unity into the public square.

Two of the past three presidents, including Donald Trump, have been elected by the Electoral College while losing the national popular vote. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)
Politics & Society Short Take
John D. FeerickMay 08, 2020

The framers of the Constitution saw the Electoral College as a decision-making body, writes John D. Feerick of Fordham Law School. But the one-person, one-vote principle is better suited to modern democracy.

Getting assistance in San Andrés Tuxtla in the state of Veracruz, Mexico (Photo courtesy of Caritas Mexico)
Politics & Society Dispatches
Eduardo Campos LimaJuly 29, 2020

National churches that face the most difficulties are in those countries that already had serious economic problems before the pandemic started.

Politics & Society Dispatches
Tawanda KaromboJuly 30, 2020

There are more young girls selling their bodies as Zimbabwe’s economic difficulties continue, in a broad collapse now exacerbated by the pandemic. The city is experiencing a spike in social vices like child prostitution and domestic violence.

Mariatu Sankoh joins a socially distanced Catholic Relief Services food distribution in Sierra Leone (photo: Ronnie Larry Tucker/Catholic Relief Services).
Politics & Society Dispatches
Kevin ClarkeAugust 11, 2020

Women, children, elderly people, Indigenous populations and migrants will be among those suffering the most.