Tawanda Karombo covers finance, tech, development and church issues in sub-Saharan Africa.
A Zambian woman poses for a photo holding produce cultivated on the Jesuit-run Kasisi Agricultural Training Centre. The center promotes organic, ecologically sustainable, no-till farming for small-scale farmers. (CNS photo courtesy Canadian Jesuits International)
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Tawanda KaromboDecember 10, 2020
Jesuits in Africa are calling on the Catholic Church to press for better repayment terms on debt across the region.
Politics & Society Dispatches
Tawanda KaromboJuly 30, 2020
There are more young girls selling their bodies as Zimbabwe’s economic difficulties continue, in a broad collapse now exacerbated by the pandemic. The city is experiencing a spike in social vices like child prostitution and domestic violence.
Vendor selling cell phone airtime in Kwekwe, Zimbabwe stock photo. iStock photo
Politics & Society Dispatches
Tawanda KaromboMarch 16, 2020
Many hope the church will repeat that activist role as political divisions depress the economy and the living conditions for average Zimbabweans, and as a severe drought threatens a hunger crisis for millions this year.