The Confessions of David Brooks

September 16, 2019

Vol. 221 / No. 6

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September 16, 2019

Arts & Culture Books
Colleen Dulle August 16, 2019

Lest the reader assume that Sister Prejean’s work against the death penalty, is the sum total of her story, she spends the final pages of her afterword calling out the places where she sees continued injustices, particularly in the treatment of women and L.G.B.T. people in the church.

Arts & Culture Books
Adrian Vermeule August 30, 2019

For the Jesuit “apostles of empire,” faith and polity were two inseparable aspects of the universal mission of Catholic New France, two wings on which North America might rise to attain the fullness of Christian civilization.

Arts & Culture Books
Kerry Weber September 06, 2019

Megan K. Stack offers a brutally honest look at her own efforts to navigate the strange dance between her and her employees, who must perform the functions of a family without truly being part of it.

Arts & Culture Books
Angelo Jesus Canta September 06, 2019

Americans are increasingly familiar with stories of unauthorized border crossings, but what about those who enter the United States legally—and stay longer than permitted? Grace Talusan’s new memoir, The Body Papers, explores this underrepresented immigrant story.

Arts & Culture Television
Tara Isabella Burton August 09, 2019

Like many noirs, “Veronica Mars” toes the line between exploring shades of moral nuance and capitulating to the inevitability of nihilism.

Arts & Culture Poetry
Terry Savoie September 06, 2019

Into their once full garden that’s now/ close to barren, two ancient nuns shuffle/ along looking for a few late autumn blossoms/ to paint their lives.

Faith The Word
Michael Simone September 06, 2019

The benefits of generosity are obvious even to a crook like the steward.