Angelo Jesus Canta is a graduate student of theology at the Boston College School of Theology and Ministry and former O’Hare Fellow at America. He studied Marian devotion in Italy and China as a Ricci Scholar at Loyola University Chicago.

Faith Faith in Focus
Angelo Jesus Canta May 22, 2020
Lay-led liturgies cannot be an adequate substitute for the Mass. Nothing can. But they can help move through these anxiety-ridden times.
Arts & Culture Books
Angelo Jesus Canta May 15, 2020
In a collection of nine essays, Jia Tolentino writes about a range of topics, including the advent of our internet culture, the modern wedding industry, megachurch evangelical Christianity, market-driven feminism and college rape culture.
Faith Faith in Focus
Angelo Jesus Canta March 22, 2020
Pope Francis is calling us all to consider Mary not as an abstract helper but as a mother who has a proven track record of healing, protecting and watching over her people. 
Faith Short Take
Angelo Jesus Canta January 17, 2020
Most parish bulletins look like someone’s junk drawer, writes Angelo Jesus Canta, but there are easy ways to make them more inviting to readers.
Arts & Culture Books
Angelo Jesus Canta September 06, 2019

Americans are increasingly familiar with stories of unauthorized border crossings, but what about those who enter the United States legally—and stay longer than permitted? Grace Talusan’s new memoir, The Body Papers, explores this underrepresented immigrant story.

Members of the Society of San Antonio di Padua da Montefalcione carry the statue of St. Anthony on Aug. 23 in Boston's North End neighborhood. (Angelo Jesus Canta)
Faith Dispatches
Angelo Jesus Canta August 28, 2019
The annual weekend-long spectacle began in 1919 with Italian immigrants from the small village of Montefalcione in Avellino. Organizers say it is the largest Italian religious festival in New England.
Arts & Culture Film
Angelo Jesus Canta August 21, 2018
As with most adaptations, the film does not fully capture the richness of the novel. But it comes very close.
Faith News
Angelo Jesus Canta June 13, 2018
The issue at the heart of this debacle is the slur “Christ-killer.”
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Politics & Society News
Angelo Jesus Canta May 19, 2018
Bishop Curry described Teilhard as “one of the great minds, great spirits of the 20th century.”
CNS, Wikimedia Commons, iStock/Composite: America
Politics & Society Dispatches
Angelo Jesus Canta May 11, 2018
The episode is the latest in a years-long struggle for Catholic colleges to balance support for diverse student populations while adhering to church teaching.