Zac Davis is an associate editor and the director for audience engagement and analytics America. He also co-hosts the podcast, Jesuitical. 
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Zac Davis
Hip-hop has always had a deep religious undercurrent to its bars and beats.
FaithLast Take
Zac Davis
Young adult Catholics suffer from lacking a community of other young adults, but we fundamentally suffer from a lack of a wider Catholic community. A parish can offer that — even without the hip young adult group.
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Zac Davis
Goodlands is mapping the Catholic Church. Yes, all of it.
Zac Davis
The reports were sourced to a fake Facebook page.
Zac Davis
Working out for the body of a god? What about the body of a convict?
Politics & SocietyShort Take
Zac Davis
Whether or not impeachment is warranted, it will not be enough to redeem this strange episode in the life of the United States.