Rob Weinert-Kendt, an arts journalist and editor of American Theatre magazine, has written for The New York Times and Time Out New York. He writes a blog called The Wicked Stage.
The BBC adaptation of ‘Brideshead’ starred Anthony Andrews, Laurence Olivier and Jeremy Irons. (photo: alamy.com)
Arts & Culture Television
Rob Weinert-KendtDecember 07, 2018
A 11-part television adaptation of Evelyn Waugh’s great novel aired weekly on PBS in 1981.
Elaine May and Lucas Hedges in ‘The Waverly Gallery’ (photo: Brigitte Lacombe)
Arts & Culture Theater
Rob Weinert-KendtNovember 16, 2018
Two seasoned actors explore meaning and mortality in ‘The Waverly Gallery’ and ‘Thom Pain (based on nothing).’
Paddy Considine in ‘The Ferryman’ (photo: Joan Marcus)
Arts & Culture Theater
Rob Weinert-KendtOctober 22, 2018
In the fallen world of “The Ferryman,” conflict and compromise poison everything.
The cast of “Girl From the North Country” (photo: Joan Marcus)
Arts & Culture Theater
Rob Weinert-KendtOctober 15, 2018
How did an old war horse manage to outrun a rolling stone?
Anthony Hopkins and Florence Pugh in the new Amazon/BBC version of ‘King Lear’ 
Arts & Culture Television
Rob Weinert-KendtOctober 05, 2018
A new adaptation from the BBC and Amazon makes ideal use of a sensational cast of British actors.
Arts & Culture Books
Rob Weinert-KendtJune 11, 2018
Rodgers and Hammerstein created tuneful diversions but also some of our nation's most enduring entertainments.
 Photo By Matthew Murphy
Arts & Culture Theater
Rob Weinert-KendtMay 04, 2018
“Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” is both a sequel to Rowling’s iconic seven-book series and a canny rehash of many of its tropes.
Arts & Culture Music
Rob Weinert-KendtApril 26, 2018
A blockbuster exhibition profiles one of the 20th century's great bridge figures.
Matthew MacFadyen (Henry Wilcox) Hayley Atwell (Margaret Schlegel) in 'Howards End’
Arts & Culture Television
Rob Weinert-KendtApril 19, 2018
E. M. Forster's masterpiece is a state-of-the-nation thesis in the guise of a real estate inheritance plot.
Arts & Culture Television
Rob Weinert-KendtApril 02, 2018
There is simply no ignoring the elemental power of seeing Jesus’ depicted, earnestly and largely reverently, on national TV.