Megan K. McCabe is an assistant professor at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Wash.

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Megan K. McCabeFebruary 21, 2020
At almost every stage of his reporting on Harvey Weinstein, Ronan Farrow says, he encountered roadblocks from NBC’s leadership.
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Megan K. McCabeSeptember 16, 2019
Karen O'Donnell writes her own trauma theology as a “survivor’s gift that is offered as both a comfort and a challenge.”
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Megan K. McCabeJuly 13, 2018
The author of "The Devil Wears Prada" writes a sequel of sorts.
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Megan K. McCabeJanuary 16, 2018
Rhetoric does not always meet reality in the world of fraternity life.
Synod on the Family
Megan K. McCabeApril 08, 2016
For many Catholics, discussions of gender and family can be painful.
Megan K. McCabeJanuary 28, 2016
Pornography harms the common good by leading others to sin and damaging the community.