Jake Martin, S.J. is a doctoral student in Film at Trinity College Dublin and a Research Fellow at Trinity Long Room Hub, Arts and Humanities Research Institute.  
THERE FOR YOU. Emmy-winning “Friends”
Jake MartinSeptember 10, 2014
This month Friends turns 20. When I was that age, 20 years ago, I lay on the hardwood floor of my first apartment on Chicago’s North Side with my own group of friends and cynically watched NBC’s newest collection of beautiful people trying to be funny. As we made sarcastic comments to on
Greta Gerwig in "Frances Ha"
Jake MartinSeptember 26, 2013
Transition, loss and love in the films of Noah Baumbach
Jake MartinFebruary 12, 2013
Initially suspicious of, but ultimately surprised by HBO's 'Enlightened'
Jake MartinApril 09, 2012

What makes ‘single girl’ sitcoms stand out

Jake MartinNovember 14, 2011

Like few other art forms, the sitcom insists on an intimacy between artist, medium and audience.

Jake MartinJune 20, 2011

“Bridesmaids” succeeds where other summer films fail because of heart, or a lack of one.

Jake MartinApril 11, 2011

The women of Showtime's 'Nurse Jackie,' 'Weeds' and 'The United States of Tara'

Jake MartinMarch 14, 2011

Four sitcoms meet the gold standard for comedy and offer a respite from TV's barrage of criminal drama.

Jake MartinJanuary 24, 2011

"Parks and Recreation" and other truly must-see television shows

Jake MartinOctober 25, 2010

Can five new comedies survive the fall rush?