Brandon Sanchez is an audience voices reporter at The Wall Street Journal. Previously, he was an O’Hare fellow at America.
Arts & Culture Features
Brandon SanchezOctober 02, 2020
As a high school student in a rigorous art program, she had been drawn to Impressionism. Its tension—between precision and subjectivity, seeing clearly and feeling deeply—marks Leilani’s fiction output.
Arts & Culture Music
Brandon SanchezNovember 01, 2019
Part of me winces at “Jesus Is King,” as though it were a decaying tooth. But if I’m honest, another part of me is drawn to the rot.
Arts & Culture Books
Brandon SanchezNovember 01, 2019
New American poetry that spans the globe.
Oakes Fegley in "The Goldfinch." (CNS photo/Warner Bros.)
Arts & Culture Film
Brandon SanchezSeptember 13, 2019
Some things you just need to read.
Faith Faith in Focus
Brandon SanchezJune 27, 2019
You need to find laughs wherever you can; God is in laughter.
Arts & Culture Art
Brandon SanchezJune 14, 2019
Every other year it hosts the Whitney Biennial, which famously asks the question: What is art in America today? A question that can be broken down into two separate lines of inquiry: What is art? And, what is America?
Politics & Society News
Brandon SanchezMay 29, 2019
In an interview on Mexican television that first got attention for his comments about former cardinal Theodore McCarrick, Pope Francis condemned Donald Trump’s “cruel” immigration policies, delivering a sharp rebuke to a president whose anti-immigrant rhetoric has defined his time in office.
Tony Hale, Gary Cole and Julia Louis-Dreyfus in “Veep” (Colleen Hayes/HBO)
Arts & Culture Television
Brandon SanchezMay 13, 2019
A political satire with Julia Louis-Dreyfus as a constant presidential candidate, “Veep” gleefully exposed the hollowness of unbridled ambition, and it was fun (if also dread-inducing) through Sunday’s finale.
Arts & Culture Ideas
Brandon SanchezApril 26, 2019
If you list all the details, Kanye West’s “Sunday Service” starts to sound like the invention of a heavy-handed satirist.
Arts & Culture Ideas
Brandon SanchezApril 15, 2019
April 14 was the 80th anniversary of the publication of John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath, the greatest social novel of the 20th century.