August 20, 2018

Vol. 219 / No. 4

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August 20, 2018

Arts & Culture Ideas

Letter writing is a genre O'Connor would master after she was diagnosed with lupus and exiled to her mother’s farm.

Arts & Culture Books
James T. KeaneAugust 09, 2018

Cixin Liu’s “Remembrance of Earth’s Past” trilogy, a series of science-fiction novels first published in China a decade ago, has been called “the Chinese Star Wars.”

Arts & Culture Books
Vivian CabreraAugust 09, 2018

A memoir that includes historical analysis as well as biographical narrative tells the tale of four Mexican-Americans unsure if they belong any longer in their adopted country.

Arts & Culture Books
Ryan RichardsonAugust 10, 2018

What happened to Egypt's popular uprising?

Arts & Culture Books
Jack DowneyAugust 10, 2018

A much-needed biography of Paul Hanly Furfey (1896-1992): priest, sociologist and urban revolutionary theorist.

Arts & Culture Film
Eve TushnetJuly 17, 2018

In “Sorry to Bother You,” the system’s greatest threat—literal ownership of your time and person—is also its promise of relief.

Arts & Culture Television
Jim McDermottAugust 02, 2018

Rather than provoking derision, these shows inspire a sense of empathy, a broadening of horizons.