Jim McDermott, S.J., studied literature at Marquette and Harvard University and Old Testament and Liturgy at the Weston Jesuit School of Theology. A former teacher at Red Cloud Indian School on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and Associate Editor at America, Father McDermott recently
A man holds a sign in support California's new "sanctuary state" law during 2017's annual May 1 march in downtown Los Angeles in support of immigration reform. (Picture: Molly Adams/Flickr) 
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Jim McDermottNovember 21, 2017
Acting Director of ICE Thomas Homan has threatened that the state will face more ICE community activity as a result of its new sanctuary law.
Asylum seekers protesting the possible closure of their detention center, on Manus Island, Paua New Guinea, on Tuesday, Oct. 31, 2017. (Australia Broadcasting Coroporation via AP)
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Jim McDermottNovember 08, 2017
There is little question that what the government is doing is not only illegal but inhumane and unnecessary.
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Jim McDermottNovember 06, 2017
The real problem is not the offering of prayers in the face of tragedy but the interpretation of what prayer entails.
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Jim McDermottNovember 02, 2017
The voters I spoke with were not single-issue voters, and they showed a comfort with, even insistence on, complexity around a range of issues that are part of our national conversation.
A neighborhood destroyed by wildfire in Santa Rosa, Calif. The Diocese of Santa Rosa "has been hit hard" and "is in an ongoing state of uncertainty" because of Northern California wildfires that began the night of Oct. 8, said Bishop Robert F. Vasa. (CNS photo/Jim Urquhart, Reuters)
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Jim McDermottOctober 19, 2017
Upward of 3,000 buildings have been destroyed just in Santa Rosa, a city of 175,000 people.
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Jim McDermottOctober 11, 2017
The sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic Church is a warning that Hollywood cannot try to minimize or downplay the actions of Harvey Weinstein.
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Jim McDermottOctober 06, 2017
“Celebrating Columbus Day does not honor their story and their struggle and their history; it insults it.”
A cyclist passes the row of tents and tarps along the Santa Ana riverbed near Angel Stadium on Sept. 14 in Anaheim, Calif. Amid an uproar from residents, the city of Anaheim declared an emergency in an attempt to cope with a ballooning homeless encampment along a popular riverbed trail and speed the addition of shelter beds. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)
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Jim McDermottSeptember 18, 2017
It is not only Anaheim, but Southern California as a whole that finds itself in the midst of a homelessness emergency.
Students at Our Lady of Loretto school in Los Angeles during an “Aid for Ecuador” April 21, 2016 event organized by the Los Angeles Missionary Childhood Association. Photography by Victor Alemán
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Jim McDermottSeptember 13, 2017
“Our vision is growth. We’re the largest archdiocese in the country, largest Catholic school system in the country, and we still feel like we’re underserving our population."
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Jim McDermottAugust 30, 2017
The thing you hear again and again about Diana is that like Pope Francis, she “saw” the people around her.