October 2, 2017

Vol.217 / No.7

October 2, 2017

Government officials joined Catholics and other citizens from across the country at a march against human trafficking on Aug. 26. (photo by Bishop José Luis Ponce de Leon)
Politics & Society Dispatches
Russell Pollitt, S.J.September 06, 2017

Swaziland's police commissioner praised the Diocese of Manzini and Bishop José Luis Ponce de Leon for organizing marches to help in "the fight against crime."

Faith Dispatches
Gerard O’ConnellSeptember 10, 2017

The motto for Francis’ visit was, “Let us take the first step.”

Students at Our Lady of Loretto school in Los Angeles during an “Aid for Ecuador” April 21, 2016 event organized by the Los Angeles Missionary Childhood Association. Photography by Victor Alemán
Politics & Society Dispatches
Jim McDermottSeptember 13, 2017

“Our vision is growth. We’re the largest archdiocese in the country, largest Catholic school system in the country, and we still feel like we’re underserving our population."

Faith Features
Ian JohnsonSeptember 18, 2017

Even if relations improve with the government, the Catholic Church in China needs evangelization efforts to grow beyond a devout but tiny membership.

Faith Features
Kaya OakesSeptember 20, 2017

The Rev. Carol Howard Merritt says that the image of a God who suffers with us can play a role in helping people recover.

KNOM reporters land in a remote village of western Alaska to cover a news story.
Faith Faith in Focus
Pauline HoveyAugust 18, 2017

KNOM has been broadcasting news, weather and the Mass to Alaskans since 1971.

Arts & Culture Ideas
Angela Alaimo O'DonnellSeptember 21, 2017

The bullfight enacts the human drama each of us participates in.