May 1, 2017

Vol.216 / No.10

May 1, 2017

Politics & Society Vantage Point
The EditorsApril 07, 2017

Republican senators invoking the “nuclear option” to confirm Justice Gorsuch is a new development. But contention over the court and the filibuster has a long history.

Reinhold Niebuhr. Source: Wikipedia, Vdjj1960
Arts & Culture Books
Martin E. MartyApril 17, 2017

Martin E. Marty reviews "An American Conscience: The Reinhold Niebuhr Story" by Jeremy L. Sabella.

Ignatius’ persistence finally brought Pope Paul III’s formal approval in late September 1540 (Johann Christoph Handke, Church of Our Lady Of the Snow, Olomouc, Czech Republic).
Arts & Culture Books
Robert Emmett CurranApril 17, 2017

The relationship between the Jesuits and the popes has had far-reaching consequences for the church over the centuries.

Arts & Culture Books
Jeffrey von ArxApril 18, 2017

A new book situates Pilate in the political and cultural milieu of the Roman Empire in the Middle East.

Arts & Culture Books
Amy UelmenApril 18, 2017

"Out of the Ashes" promises a plan for cultural renewal, but seems to skip the most difficult steps.

Amie in 'Abortion: Stories Women Tell’ (photo courtesy HBO)
Arts & Culture Film
Addie MenaApril 04, 2017

Instead of engaging women as persons, the film instrumentalizes them to push a political agenda.

Mike Vogel in "The Case for Christ"
Arts & Culture Film
Paul Lickteig, S.J.April 06, 2017

These movies are unlikely to convert unbelievers, because they demand a type of belief that requires unassailable evidence.