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Zac DavisMay 12, 2017

One of the surest signs that someone is a product of Jesuit education is their frequent use of the phrase “Finding God in all things.” Aside from being fodder for tattoos and Twitter bios, it’s a powerful idea that often sparks an exploration into realms of pop culture that often are considered...surprising.

This week we speak with Tom Beaudoin, associate professor of Religion at Fordham University, who is finishing teaching a course titled "Faith in Music: Sound Theology From the Blues to Beyoncé." The class explores the spiritual significance of popular music through a theological study of various influential artists in music history, including Elvis, George Harrison, Queen Bey and more. Professor Beaudoin said about the class: “There are some people who will think that these artists are only secular or profane. That’s one side of it, but [the course is] pushing back against the idea that popular music is spiritually thin.”

In Signs of the Times we discuss Donald Trump’s announcement that he’s heading to the Vatican, and provide a Twitter history of the relationship between Papa Frank and The Donald. And as always, we ask ourselves where we found God in our week (or where it was difficult to see him).

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