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A smiling Willie Nelson playing his guitar Trigger at a recent concert.
Arts & CultureMusic
Kaya Oakes
Willie Nelson might not be the first person who comes to mind when you think of a “Christian musician.” But he has long talked about his admiration for the teachings of Jesus.
Phillipa Soo (center) and company in Lincoln Center Theater's production of CAMELOT.
Arts & CultureTheater
Rob Weinert-Kendt
Three strong new revivals offer an instructive comparative lens through which to view the form’s development over the decades. 
The Notre Dame Folk Choir
Arts & CultureFaith in Focus
Anna Staud
The Notre Dame Folk Choir was like a family I did not want to leave behind.
Arts & CultureBooks
Bill McGarvey
The creative ways audiobooks are being embraced by like Bono or Bob Dylan are creating a new category of content that is different from conventional book publishing.
A conversation about “The Passion,” a new musical production from the Notre Dame Folk Choir.
FaithFaith and Reason
Alejandro Nava
Liberation theology and hip-hop may seem like odd bedfellows, but in their roots and their motivations, they share more in common than many would presume.