Composer Craig Shepard (photo courtesy Beth O’Brien)
Maggi Van Dorn January 03, 2020
“Broken Silence” is more than a concert. It is a musical meditation that plunges straight to the heart of our collective trauma.
Terrance Klein December 23, 2019
We make Christmas into something it is not and wonder why it disappoints.
Isabelle Senechal December 18, 2019
Christmas songs that invoke Jesus’ name or mention the Nativity story are not automatically more respectful than Christmas songs that don’t.
Jaelani Turner-Williams November 22, 2019
“Wu-Tang: An American Saga” is exposing millions more to the role of spirituality in RZA’s life, career and role in Wu-Tang Clan.
Ryan Di Corpo November 09, 2019
Mr. Byrne, best known as the dynamic frontman of the 1980s art-rock outfit Talking Heads, is a kind of besuited Renaissance man.
Brandon Sanchez November 01, 2019
Part of me winces at “Jesus Is King,” as though it were a decaying tooth. But if I’m honest, another part of me is drawn to the rot.