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Kevin Jackson
Brandi Carlile's latest album shows the singer's keen awareness of the radical nature of tenderness.
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Sarah Vincent
“Montero” can offer new perspectives into the realities of Black queerness; for some, including some Catholics, it might even give a voice to their own experiences.
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Mary Grace Mangano
On their last two albums, the Killers continue to circle around faith and eventually grasp it—if not in completely solid form.
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Randy Boyagoda
In his new book, British novelist David Mitchell affirms the irreducible and vivifying goods of the human soul.
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Jim McDermott
Maybe in this time of uncertainty, fear and doubt, it would be worth recruiting some young people like BTS, Greta Thunberg or Malala Yousafzai to officially join the pope in his fight for the future of our planet.
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Brenna Moore
At the heart of Sinéad O’Connor’s new memoir is her sense of transcendence and her longing for it, as well as the depth of her religious imagination since childhood.