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Nick Cave performs at the Roskilde Festival in Roskilde, Denmark, in 2018. (Wikimedia Commons)
Arts & CultureMusic
Kaya Oakes
For hundreds of thousands who follow his music and his newsletter, The Red Hand Files, Nick Cave has become a pastor of sorts.
Arts & CultureBooks
Sam Rocha
Alejandro Nava begins his formal analysis by situating hip-hop as something that “recovers the oral, rhythmic, and melodic nature of ancient scriptural transmission.”
Arts & CultureFeatures
Ricardo da Silva, S.J.
Marcia Pally's new book focuses on Leonard Cohen's faith, relationships and worldview through his use of Jewish and Christian imagery.
FaithShort Take
Joseph McAuley
The history of "When Irish Eyes Are Smiling" is a colorful one—though shorter than you think.
Arts & CultureIdeas
Patrick Saint-Jean, S.J.
A documentary about a Black music festival awakens us to God's presence even amid our historical sins.
Arts & CultureIdeas
Stephen G. Adubato
The singer’s pain was rooted in a keen awareness of her heart’s yearning for love and meaning.