Jesuitical January 15, 2021
This week on Jesuitical, the hosts talk with Father Bryan Massingale about the toxic mix of racism, idolatry and spiritual emptiness on display at the Capitol on Jan. 6—and how Christians should respond.
Jesuitical December 24, 2020
The hosts (and listeners) of the Jesuitical podcast look for where God was working in their lives in the year of our Lord 2020.
Jesuitical December 18, 2020
2020 has been an absolutely awful year (no citation needed). But is it O.K. for us to take a step back and laugh at it all?
Jesuitical December 11, 2020
All day these monks work, pray and brew great beer.
Jesuitical December 04, 2020
A conversation with Tsh Oxenreider about learning to love Advent.
Jesuitical November 20, 2020
Following the release of the McCarrick report, Catholics are once again asking: What is the root cause of the Catholic Church’s sex abuse crisis?