Zac Davis March 15, 2019
Are we closer to ending the stigma surrounding mental health care?
Olga Segura March 08, 2019
This week, we talk with Mireille Twayigira, a Jesuit Refugee Service Education Advocate.
Ashley McKinless March 01, 2019
Every day and on every continent women religious are doing life-saving, cutting-edge work in hospitals and research laboratories, refugee camps and prisons. Dawn Araujo-Hawkins tells their stories.
Zac Davis February 22, 2019
A discussion on our first memories of hell, how it still impacts our lives and our culture, and why it might be easier to describe hell than heaven.
Olga Segura February 15, 2019
This week, we talk with Maggi Van Dorn, the host and executive producer of "Deliver Us," a new podcast about the sex abuse crisis in the Catholic Church.
Ashley McKinless February 08, 2019
In recent years, there has been a lot of debate around the word “consent” when it comes to preventing sexual assault on campus. What can Catholic colleges bring to these discussions?