Sean Salai, S.J., is a special contributor to America.
Priest of the Legionaries of Christ hears confession during ordination of 31 new Legionary priests. (CNS photo/Paul Haring)
Sean Salai, S.J.June 26, 2014
In recent years, U.S. Catholics have struggled to accept the harsh reality that some priests committed terrible acts even as they helped and worked alongside many good people.This struggle has been especially pronounced in the Legion of Christ, a congregation of priests that fell from the height of
Dempsey of U.S. attempts to score between Portugal's Alves and Costa during World Cup soccer match. (CNS photo/Jorge Silva, Reuters)
Arts & Culture In All Things
Sean Salai, S.J.June 24, 2014
As the World Cup continues to draw international attention, we might stop to ponder how God works for our good in all things, even sports.
Two houses in the Ninth Ward, built with the help of volunteers (Laurie Barr/Shutterstock.com)
Faith in Focus
Sean Salai, S.J.June 18, 2007
Thousands of young volunteers are a bright spot amidst the city's slow recovery.