Sean Salai, S.J., is a Jesuit priest and special contributor to America. He is the author of What Would Pope Francis Do? Bringing the Good News to People in Need

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May 31, 2017
An excerpt from Jesuit Sean Salai's new book "All the Pope’s Saints: The Jesuits Who Shaped Pope Francis"
 04.19.2017 Pope Francis greets a young choir member during his general audience in St. Peter's Square at the Vatican April 19. (CNS photo/Paul Haring)
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April 28, 2017
The pope practices a 'very pastorally engaged moral theology.'
Pope Francis speaks during an audience to exchange Christmas greetings with members of the Roman Curia in Clementine Hall of the Apostolic Palace at the Vatican Dec. 22. (CNS photo/Paul Haring)
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March 31, 2017
Sean Salai, S.J., interviews canon lawyer Kurt Martens.
Harry Connick Jr. is seen on the set of his TV show "Harry." (CNS photo/ courtesy NBC Universal)
March 08, 2017
Sean Salai, S.J., interviews Harry Connick, Jr. about the intersection of his faith and show business.
Members of Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests demonstrate in front of the Cathedral Basilica of SS. Peter and Paul in Philadelphia Sept. 25, 2017, while Pope Francis met privately with a group of survivors of sexual abuse (CNS photo/Joshua Roberts).
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February 16, 2017
A former member of the Legion of Christ on a life turned upside down by sexual abuse in the church.
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February 01, 2017
Consider this: only Luke tells us the story of the Prodigal Son, the Good Samaritan and the Good Thief.
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January 11, 2017
Humans are called to praise, reverence and serve God through our every decision and action.
Sr. Albert Marie Surmanski, O.P., Ph.D (photo provided)
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January 04, 2017
“Who is Mary, what is her role in my life and what could I do to get to know her better?”
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January 03, 2017
The Spiritual Exercises 'is a work of psychological genius that can only help one live a fuller, richer life,' Hansen says.
Alanna Boudreau recording in studio (photo provided)
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December 28, 2016
Singer and songwriter Alanna Boudreau discusses how Catholicism influences her music.