Mike Seay was an editorial intern at America for the summer of 2019.

Blessed Carlo Acutis, an Italian teenager who used his computer programming skills to spread devotion to the Eucharist, was beatified in Assisi, Italy, Oct. 10, 2020. (CNS photo/courtesy Sainthood Cause of Carlo Acutis)
Faith Faith in Focus
Mike SeayOctober 24, 2020
Acutis’s beatification is a beacon to all those who live their lives, for better or for worse, increasingly online.
Photo: iStock
Arts & Culture Ideas
Mike SeayAugust 21, 2020
Roger Ebert once said that “video games can never be art.” It is hard to make that case in 2020.
Photo: Netflix
Arts & Culture Television
Mike SeayJuly 17, 2020
I was caught off guard by the show’s artistic experimentation, nuanced spiritual message and deeply moving season finale.
Arts & Culture Film
Mike SeayFebruary 07, 2020
The French animated film traces the harrowing journey of a severed hand through the streets of Paris
Faith GoodNews
Mike SeayJuly 25, 2019
When the Vive Shelter in Buffalo, NY agreed to take in over 100 asylum seekers, they asked for help from the Buffalo community. Canisius College was among the community members that offered their resources.
Arts & Culture Film
Mike SeayJuly 12, 2019
In Ari Aster’s “Midsommar,” the devil is not an ugly monster hiding in the shadows—he is in the daylight, dressed in a white robe and a crown of flowers.
Arts & Culture Television
Mike SeayJuly 05, 2019
The show raises questions about the trust we put in the institutions that claim to protect us. I could not watch this series without thinking of the world’s denial and inadequate response regarding climate change.
Politics & Society News
Mike SeayJune 27, 2019
St. Peter's University and America Media hosted a discussion that focused on the challenges facing Latino communities in the United States.