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Deniz Demirer is a Polish-born writer, actor and filmmaker. His filmography includes five feature films as writer and director: Nocturnal Jake (2009), Not I (2010), American Mongrel (2014), Ezer Kenegdo (2016) and Chinaroom (2016) and a short, Simon’s Agony (2019).
FaithFaith in Focus
Kevin JacksonDeniz Demirer
St. Adalbert’s-O.L.B.S. was the first Black Catholic parish in Cleveland, and we drove eight hours from New York City to Fairfax to make a short documentary on their history and rootedness. That was “the plan.”
Arts & CultureFilm
Deniz Demirer
An austere film about a drummer going deaf finds revelation in the quiet moments.
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Deniz Demirer
His vivid firsthand experiences on the job as a police officer are recounted extensively in Adam Plantinga's new book.
Scene from "The Trojan Women" at La MaMa Experimental Theater Club
Arts & CultureTheater
Deniz Demirer
Since 1975, a touring production of “The Trojan Women” staged by New York’s La MaMa Experimental Theater Club has played in more than 30 countries.
photo by Mario Durane
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Deniz Demirer
By praying the rosary, she’d know that her mind was on God and not the killers.