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July and August 2022

Vol. 227 / No. 1

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Arts & Culture Books
Joseph PeschelJune 30, 2022

In his new 10-story collection, Roddy Doyle tells stories of catastrophes—unemployment, a deadly storm and Covid-19—and their socioeconomic and psychological fallout on Irish families.

Arts & Culture Books

In 'The Body Scout,' Lincoln Michel explores the limits of what it means to be human through a future in which companies tempt consumers with upgrades—new arms, organs and more.

Arts & Culture Books
Richard G. MalloyJune 30, 2022

Readable, well researched and carefully documented, 'Saving Yellowstone' does not get bogged down in minutiae in its history of the park.

Arts & Culture Books
Anna J. MarcheseJune 30, 2022

Kaya Oakes offers reflections on what it means to live as a woman today. This meaning grappling with growing older in a society and a church that both continue to prize feminine youth, fecundity and docility above all else.

Andy Warhol (MARKA / Alamy Stock Photo)
Arts & Culture Art

Andy Warhol remains an enigma.

Arts & Culture Poetry

for years I’d be the cranky older son, jealous about the party.

Arts & Culture Poetry
Diane GlancyJune 30, 2022

I eat sugar cookies for breakfast. I should eat bird seed.