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Paris 1919 Revisted

June 24, 2019

Vol. 220 / No. 14

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Arts & Culture Poetry
Bryce EmleyJune 14, 2019

The pain wasn’t in dying/ but in belief in you, that you required of me

Faith The Word
Michael SimoneJune 14, 2019

Taking up the proclamation of God’s reign placed the disciples in an unexpectedly rich relationship with God and the world.

Faith The Word
Michael SimoneJune 14, 2019

Jesus’ determination to travel to Jerusalem is the pivot on which Luke’s Gospel turns.

Politics & Society Last Take
Cokie RobertsJune 14, 2019

Tania is the first woman and the first layperson to lead the university since it was founded by the Jesuits in 1912, writes Cokie Roberts.