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June 2022

Vol. 226 / No. 7

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The author, his father and his infant son outdoors in front of a tree.
Faith Faith in Focus
John DoughertyMay 19, 2022

Our shared name is a constant reminder that the work I do today is not on behalf of some shapeless ideal of a better world, but for the world that my children will grow up in.

Arts & Culture Books
Tom DeignanMay 13, 2022

In “The Agitators,” Dorothy Wickenden explores 19th-century intersections of class, racism and patriarchy through the lives of the escaped slave Harriet Tubman and the activists Martha Wright and Frances Seward.

Arts & Culture Books
Michael VaccariMay 19, 2022

Peter S. Canellos provides us with a fascinating biography of a Supreme Court judge who was the sole dissenter in both the Civil Rights Cases (1883) and in Plessy v. Ferguson (1896), in which the court held that the Constitution established the separate-but-equal doctrine.

Arts & Culture Books
Pierce CordenMay 19, 2022

Michael Krepon's new book provides a key history of the times, events, organizations and people involved in the pursuit of a peaceful approach to national and global security.

Arts & Culture Books
Judith ValenteMay 19, 2022

Gregory K. Hillis tackles an argument that has long haunted Thomas Merton’s legacy: that Merton somehow was not a faithful-enough Catholic.

Nick Cave performs at the Roskilde Festival in Roskilde, Denmark, in 2018. (Wikimedia Commons)
Arts & Culture Music
Kaya OakesMay 19, 2022

For hundreds of thousands who follow his music and his newsletter, The Red Hand Files, Nick Cave has become a pastor of sorts.

Arts & Culture Poetry
Lisa MullenneauxMay 17, 2022

I begged them: “Keep the money. Just give me the photos of my family.”