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Joe McCarthy's controversial faith

August 2020

Vol. 223 / No. 2

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Faith Books
Mark Bosco, S.J. July 17, 2020

Flannery O’Connor was, like many people of her time, “a walking contradiction when it came to matters of race.” 

Arts & Culture Books
Carino Hodder, O.P.July 17, 2020

Annalena Tonelli moved to Kenya in her 20s to work as a teacher. Her desire was to live among the poor as one of the poor.

Arts & Culture Books

Cairns is a rare figure in American letters: a religious poet free of mawkish piety.

Faith Books

"The Laywoman Project" is a book primarily about changing concepts of women’s vocation during that rapidly moving decade.

Mark Rylance, far left, played Thomas Cromwell in the BBC production of “Wolf Hall” (2015). Paul Scofield, near left, won an Oscar for his portrayal of St. Thomas More in “A Man for All Seasons” (1966). (photo credit - Masterpiece/Alamy)
Arts & Culture Books
John AndersonJuly 17, 2020

Mantel’s portrait of More is of a self-serving whiner with a death wish. But what must always be remembered is that she is creating fiction.

Arts & Culture Poetry
Natasha SajéJuly 17, 2020

they last seconds then dissipate like apologies

Arts & Culture Poetry
Elena CroitoruJuly 17, 2020

I worried his soul had been out for too long.