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Spring Literary Review 2021

Vol. 224 / No. 5

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Arts & Culture Poetry
Michael HigginsApril 08, 2021

The infant won't remember reeling images

Arts & Culture Poetry
Louis Damani JonesApril 08, 2021

hung up for too long on a mind's rack to stretch

Arts & Culture Last Take
Mary GordonApril 06, 2021

I believe that because the people about whom I am writing share with me a vocabulary, a set of images and shared practices, there are some firm grounds on which we can all stand.

Arts & Culture Catholic Book Club
James T. KeaneApril 08, 2021

The two most recent selections by the Catholic Book Club couldn't have been more different: A look at Thomas Jefferson's quixotic attempt to rewrite the Bible, and Niall Williams's richly evocative novel about a small village in the west of Ireland.