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July / August 2024

Vol. 231 / No. 1

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Faith Faith in Focus
Abby JorgensenJune 27, 2024

The lessons we teach in some parishes are not coming from God.

Faith Faith in Focus
Jack FiggeJune 27, 2024

After seven friends joined the seminary, I couldn’t help but wonder if I should too.

Faith Faith in Focus
Bruce T. MorrillJune 27, 2024

We can participate in the Eucharistic revival by growing in knowledge and devotion to this most important sacramental liturgy.

Ivan Illich in an undated photo (Wikimedia Commons)
Arts & Culture Books
Elias CrimJune 21, 2024

Ivan Illich was a “radically orthodox” monsignor who remained tradition-minded his entire life. With Pope Francis, his hour may have finally arrived.

Arts & Culture Books
Karen Peterson-IyerJune 27, 2024

In 'Incarnating Grace: A Theology of Healing From Sexual Trauma,' Julia Feder is not only concerned with rejecting dangerous theological projects that have misled (and mistreated) survivors; she is also keen to plumb the depths of the Christian tradition more positively, for resources that offer

Arts & Culture Books
Brianne JacobsJune 27, 2024

In 'Who’s Afraid of Gender?,' Judith Butler contends that the contemporary backlash to “gender” is an attempt to recapture the transforming power structure and return to the (days when it was simple to use gender to organize power in the world.

Arts & Culture Books
Joseph P. CreamerJune 27, 2024

In 'The West,' Naoíse Mac Sweeney tackles the history of the idea of the West through 14 portraits of both famous (Herodotus and Gladstone) and lesser-known historical figures (Phillis Wheatley and Tullia d’Aragona).