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April 29, 2019

Vol. 220 / No. 10

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Faith Faith in Focus

The liturgies of Lent and Easter, like the churches themselves, are built upon the conviction that the resurrection changes everything.

Faith Vantage Point
Richard A. BlakeApril 16, 2019

From 1977: How Catholic journals covered the perilous journey of Jack and Jill up that treacherous hill in 1977.

Arts & Culture Books
Joe Hoover, S.J.February 20, 2019

In Christian Wiman's new book, all easy answers about how spirituality informs the arts and vice versa are given fierce interrogation.

Arts & Culture Books
Kevin SpinaleApril 19, 2019

In his new book about his work, Robert Caro explains why it takes so many years to research and write his books.

Arts & Culture Books
Justin Shaun CoyleApril 19, 2019

Paul J. Griffiths’s latest book, Christian Flesh, seeks a speculative account “of human flesh in particular and Christian flesh in particular.”

Arts & Culture Books
John W. MillerApril 19, 2019

The nation’s nonfiction bard, Michael Lewis, makes the case that our government is more important—and competent—than we realize.

St. Rivanone, sculpture by Christophe Le Baquer, assisted by Marie le Scanves, 2016. (Photo: Derennes Yannick)
Arts & Culture Art
Nicholas ZinosApril 19, 2019

The idea to have an open-air homage to the Celtic saints of Europe was the brainchild of Philippe Abjean.