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October 2022

Vol. 227 / No. 3

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Faith Faith in Focus
Ted Kennedy Jr.September 15, 2022

Ted Kennedy Jr. on the importance of godparents: The need and desire for spiritual guidance, love, support and personal mentorship does not end when we reach adulthood.

Arts & Culture Books
Joshua HrenAugust 05, 2022

David Foster Wallace's novella 'Something to Do With Paying Attention' features two conversion narratives, a "fearful Jesuit" and "the death of childhood's limitless possibility."

Arts & Culture Books
Mary GordonSeptember 15, 2022

Mary Gordon finds that her childhood and that of former Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway were strangely similar—and yet diverged in telling ways.

Arts & Culture Books
Colleen DulleSeptember 15, 2022

Vatican diplomacy has as its primary goal peace through dialogue, which runs counter to the complex dance of pressures and negotiations that nation-states use to jockey for power on the global stage.

Arts & Culture Books
Tom DeignanSeptember 15, 2022

Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz's new book is a fierce diagnosis of what continues to tear America apart.

Arts & Culture Books
John W. MillerSeptember 15, 2022

Sports memoirs tend to have a certain arc: the odyssey of the triumphant athlete. But every now and then, a retired athlete—like Jerry West, Abby Wambach and Gale Sayers—tells a more complicated story.

Arts & Culture Poetry
Faiz AhmadSeptember 15, 2022

you could’ve chosen to be ignorant to the demand that such a recognition may’ve placed on your limbs,