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California and the Kingdom

January 20, 2020

Vol. 222 / No. 2

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Britain's Prime Minister Boris Johnson and opposition Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn, right, walk through the Commons Members Lobby, during the state opening of Parliament, in London on Dec. 19. (AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth, Pool)
Politics & Society Dispatches
Austen IvereighDecember 20, 2019

As dawn broke after polling day, it was clear that the Boris Johnson earthquake had shattered the “red wall” of Labour strongholds across north Wales and in England’s northwest, Midlands and northeast.

About 70,000 people live in Rocinha, making it the most populous favela in Rio de Janeiro. iStockphoto
Politics & Society Dispatches
Eduardo Campos LimaDecember 23, 2019

The increasing number of fatal acts of police are among the emerging concerns addressed by the Pastoral of Favelas, an archdiocesan commission created 42 years ago to respond to the needs of Rio’s slum dwellers.

Politics & Society GoodNews

Wells of Hope also is building homes for those in the community.

Faith Features
Jim McDermottJanuary 09, 2020

Again and again I have watched Californians find a way beyond the categories they are supposed to occupy.

Faith Features
Nichole M. FloresJanuary 10, 2020

Psalm 137 reflects my longing to return home, even as I am aware that I have idealized it in my earnest efforts to not forget it.

Faith Faith and Reason
Blase J. CupichNovember 29, 2019

We should be fearless in making clear that tolerating clergy sexual abuse stands in total contradiction to the core of the Gospel message.

Faith Faith in Focus
M.T. BennettJanuary 06, 2020

One who is blind from birth will always be blind. That is what my medical training teaches me. My faith, however, gives me hope for a different outcome.