Tom Deignan, a columnist for the Irish Voice newspaper, writes regularly for America.

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Tom DeignanJuly 11, 2019
Science fiction writers continue to turn to religious characters, imagery and ideas to sort things out.
Arts & Culture Ideas
Tom DeignanMarch 08, 2019
There is no way to explain the success of Catholic school athletes without taking into account a wide range of factors—historical, sociological and, yes, spiritual.
Arts & Culture Books
Tom DeignanNovember 30, 2018
Jane Leavy chronicles Babe Ruth’s life and times, with a heavy emphasis not only on the culture Ruth played in, but the ways he radically altered that culture, with the help of his visionary agent Christy Walsh.
Arts & Culture Books
Tom DeignanJune 15, 2018
Writer William Trevor never shied away from something like the Gothic, the nearly horrific side of everything from romantic passion to parenthood.
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Tom DeignanFebruary 23, 2018
Hunger strikes raise thorny political, philosophical and even spiritual questions.
Human rights activist Kerry Kennedy speaks at a rally, May 21, 2016, at New York City Hall during the March for Farmworker Justice (CNS photo/Gregory A. Shemitz).
Arts & Culture Books
Tom DeignanMay 02, 2017
In 'Beyond 15,' Jonathan Rosenblum scolds Barack Obama for being “more invested in bailing out the financial sector than in expending political capital for workers’ rights.”
Tom DeignanOctober 13, 2016
Either way, if Trump’s candidacy is a problem, pundits on the right and left have thought of it specifically as a “white trash” problem.
Tom DeignanMay 25, 2016
'Éamon de Valera,' by Ronan Fanning
THE HEART OF TEXAS. Migrants sit at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church temporary shelter in McAllen, Tex.
Tom DeignanAugust 06, 2015
Race, assimilation and 19th-century Catholic immigrants
Tom DeignanMarch 12, 2014
During a much-discussed speech at The National Defense University earlier this year President Obama cataloged the dreadful conditions at Guant namo Bay and then asked ldquo Is that who we are Is that something that our Founders foresaw rdquo The question was obviously rhetorical though as Lo