Fall Literary Review 2020

Vol. 223 / No. 5

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Arts & Culture Of Many Things
James T. KeaneOctober 02, 2020

Twice a year, America publishes special literary issues devoted in their entirety to the world of literature. In Fall Books 2020, a variety of authors and genres are explored, from fiction to poetry to biography and more.

Arts & Culture Features
Brandon SanchezOctober 02, 2020

As a high school student in a rigorous art program, she had been drawn to Impressionism. Its tension—between precision and subjectivity, seeing clearly and feeling deeply—marks Leilani’s fiction output.

Arts & Culture Features
Patrick SamwayOctober 02, 2020

When John Berryman and Robert Giroux met at Columbia University in 1932, they would not have expected to forge a decades-long friendship that would result in over a dozen literary classics.

Arts & Culture Books
Mary Doyle RocheSeptember 25, 2020

Published in 2002, ‘Year of Wonders’ is set in a 17th-century English plague town.

Arts & Culture Books
Robert RubsamOctober 02, 2020

Jean Giono's narrators are often grounded in a kind of eternal present, where the coach will always run and a certain tree will always stand, moving us by degrees into the uneasy past of narrative.

Arts & Culture Books
Franklin FreemanOctober 02, 2020

In a new biography of Robert Stone, Madison Smartt Bell argues that Stone’s career involves both the American dream and the search for meaning.

Arts & Culture Books
Elizabeth Grace MatthewOctober 02, 2020

Reality is messier than than fiction that reduces historical figures like Hillary Clinton to the sum of her most oversimplified virtues and vices.