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May 25, 2009

Vol. 200 / No. 17

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John FeisterMay 25, 2009

Sitting in row 13, in the Joyce Center in South Bend, Ind., I watched with pride as my son graduated from the University of Notre Dame on May 17. Graduation is a moment to mark re-entry into the world for most students, but of course it was more than that for the thousands gathered at Notre Dame

Why routine feedback on the Sunday homily is essential

Austen IvereighMay 25, 2009

The appointment of Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Birmingham, a former protégé of Cardinal Basil Hume, to the see of Westminster had long been expected, but for a time back in March seemed suddenly unlikely. “I couldn’t believe how nasty it was,” a journalist friend to

George M. AndersonMay 25, 2009

The “interconnectness of life” emerged as a popular phrase at a two-day conference in early May at Columbia University in New York City. Titled “Common Ground: Science and Religion in Dialogue for a Sustainable Future,” the gathering

John W. O’MalleyMay 25, 2009

We have a Vatican II president. Barack Obama, I am sure, does not think of himself in those terms, but when I heard his speech at Grant Park in Chicago the night he was elected, and more recently his commencement address at Notre Dame, that is what immediately struck me. On those occasions he embodi

Of Many Things
John W. DonohueMay 25, 2009

Avery Dulles: A portrait of the theologian as a young man