Edward W. Schmidt, S.J., is a senior editor at America.
Pope Benedict XVI and Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, May 2005 (CNS photo/L'Osservatore Romano) 
Arts & Culture Last Take
Edward W. Schmidt, S.J.September 01, 2017
Five years after his death, remembering the Jesuit cardinal and his close connection with the youth of Milan
Arts & Culture Art
Edward W. Schmidt, S.J.August 11, 2017
At the Museo dell’ Opera in Florence, museumgoers are able to encounter not just the art, but also the artist and the religious mystery behind the work.
Arts & Culture Ideas
Edward W. Schmidt, S.J.August 02, 2017
Rather than simply showing artifacts and manuscripts, the American Writers Museum presents a number of screens and displays, many of them interactive, to engage visitors with the rich heritage of American writers.
Cardinal Angelo Scola greets Mario Delpini, the newly named archbishop of Milan (photo: ChiesadiMilano)
Faith In All Things
Edward W. Schmidt, S.J.July 12, 2017
The archbishop of Milan leads a very large church with ancient traditions and heroes.
Arts & Culture Art
Edward W. Schmidt, S.J.February 21, 2017
“Jesuit Spirit in the Arts" is a recent exhibition at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia.
(Flickr photo/Tom Rodenberg)
Politics & Society Of Other Things
Edward W. Schmidt, S.J.November 23, 2016
The detainees don’t often get asked for their prayers.
Faith Of Many Things
Edward W. Schmidt, S.J.October 20, 2016
The congregation has spoken, and we are happy with their choice of Father Arturo Sosa as our new superior general.
Faith In All Things
Edward W. Schmidt, S.J.October 05, 2016
I recall the deep sense of fellowship in mission that the congregation engendered.
Gordon Parks. Harlem Neighborhood, Harlem, New York, 1952. The Gordon Parks Foundation.
Edward W. Schmidt, S.J.July 13, 2016
An exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago brings the text and the photographs for “Harlem Is Nowhere” together for the first time since 1948.
Of Many Things
Edward W. Schmidt, S.J.May 03, 2016
Since the times of Ignatius, the talk about what Jesuit education means—what makes it distinctive, what it demands, what results it strives for—has become more explicit.