Edward W. Schmidt, S.J., is a senior editor at America.
Afghan mother holds her baby as she struggles to disembark raft during a rainstorm in Lesbos, Greece, Oct. 23 (CNS photo/Yannis Behrakis, Reuters).
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Edward W. Schmidt, S.J.October 26, 2015
In a statement released last week, the leaders of the Jesuits in Europe express their deep concern for the refugees who have flooded into Europe this year and lay out new policies for addressing the situation.
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Edward W. Schmidt, S.J.September 22, 2015
I know there are apps upon apps out there waiting for me. But I cannot download a one.
illustrations from The Codex Canadensis and the Writings of Louis Nicolas
Edward W. Schmidt, S.J.August 06, 2015
A book came my way a few months ago, a literally weighty tome of almost seven pounds, quarto sized, two and a half inches thick. The book is The Codex Canadensis and the Writings of Louis Nicolas, a beautiful, scholarly work with 555 numbered pages of text and illustrations. I found it through a Goo
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Edward W. Schmidt, S.J.February 04, 2015
Ash Wednesday’s marked foreheads represent far more than personal piety.
Edward W. Schmidt, S.J.January 28, 2015
'Searching for Marquette,' by Ruth D. Nelson
Edward W. Schmidt, S.J.December 10, 2013
'A Man of Misconceptions' profiles a 17th century Jesuit polymath
Edward W. Schmidt, S.J.July 30, 2012

If you are looking for hope in South Dakota, you do not look at numbers and percents and totals. Among the native Lakota people, social issues like alcohol, drug abuse and teen suicide rack up some depressing figures. The way down is fast and easy; climbing back up takes drive and help. If you

Edward W. Schmidt, S.J.June 18, 2012
Garry Wills on Ambrose, Augustine, and the mystery of Baptism
Edward W. Schmidt, S.J.January 02, 2012

Can comic books tell religious stories in ways that reach young people without diluting the subject?

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Edward W. Schmidt, S.J.October 31, 2011
Halloween was not always fun. To the ancient Celts, it was deadly serious.