Drew Christiansen, S.J., former editor in chief and president of America, is Distinguished Professor of Ethics and Global Development at Georgetown University and a senior research fellow at the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs.
President Donald Trump at Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan, on Nov. 28, during a Thanksgiving Day visit. U.S. and international forces have been on the ground here ever since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)
Politics & Society Short Take
Drew Christiansen, S.J.December 17, 2019
The Afghanistan Papers suggest that we still have not learned the lessons of history, writes Drew Christiansen, S.J., including a sense of humility and an awareness of human fallibility.
Palestinian demonstrators run away from tear gas fired by Israeli forces on Nov. 16, during an anti-Israel protest near the Jewish settlement of Beit El in the Israeli-occupied West Bank. (CNS photo/Mohamad Torokman, Reuters) 
Politics & Society Short Take
Drew Christiansen, S.J.November 27, 2019
The Trump administration has reversed a 40-year U.S. policy critical of Israeli settlements on the West Bank, writes Drew Christiansen, S.J., raising the obstacles to Palestinians ever achieving a homeland.
Faith News
Drew Christiansen, S.J.July 19, 2019
Callahan was an independent scholar working at the frontier where ethics meets medicine, law and religion.
Politics & Society Short Take
Drew Christiansen, S.J.July 12, 2019
If the Secretary of State's new commission is intended neither to review U.S. human rights policy nor examine today’s debates over abortion and same-sex marriage, what, then, might it be doing?
Faith Short Take
Drew Christiansen, S.J.April 22, 2019
In the wake of the fire, perhaps today’s “cultured despisers” of religion will come to appreciate how devotion to Notre Dame has been a wellspring of Western civilization as we know it.
Arts & Culture Books
Drew Christiansen, S.J.August 24, 2018
A. Alexander Stummvoll's new book is crucially important because until now, religion has been “the missing dimension in statecraft.”
Politics & Society Short Take
Drew Christiansen, S.J.May 18, 2018
The Gaza Nakba demonstrations this week have done nothing to advance the situation of Palestinian refugees, nor did they provide relief to the people of Gaza, who dwell in an open-air prison, hemmed in and oppressed at every turn.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu presents material on Iranian nuclear weapons development during a press conference in Tel Aviv, Monday, April 30 2018. (AP Photo/Sebastian Scheiner)
Politics & Society Short Take
Drew Christiansen, S.J.May 03, 2018
Benjamin Netanyahu deserves no hearing on the Iranian agreement until Israel goes public about its own nuclear program.
Palestinian protesters evacuate a wounded youth who was shot by Israeli troops during a protest at the Gaza Strip's border with Israel on April 13. Palestinians streamed to tent camps on Gaza's border with Israel for a third mass protest. (AP Photo/ Khalil Hamra)
Politics & Society News Analysis
Drew Christiansen, S.J.April 13, 2018
Hamas, it seems, has taken Israeli contempt for Palestinian life as a cultural and political weakness that Gazans can turn against the oppressor state.
People pray during morning Mass Jan. 30 in the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Beijing. (CNS photo/Roman Pilipey, EPA)
Politics & Society Short Take
Drew Christiansen, S.J.February 12, 2018
Western journalists have been too easily swayed by misleading accounts circulated by those opposed to an entente.