Daniel P. Horan, O.F.M. is a Franciscan friar of Holy Name Province (New York) and is currently a Ph.D. student in systematic theology at Boston College. Fr. Dan studied at St. Bonaventure University where he earned a B.A. (Honors) degree in theology and journalism

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Daniel P. HoranJanuary 10, 2018
It isn’t too late to reclaim liturgical language that is more prayerful, understandable and theologically sound.
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Daniel P. HoranNovember 17, 2016
The last year has been a difficult one indeed, particularly for those who are in any way concerned about political life in the United States. As I write this column, the election has not yet taken place, though we are close to Election Day and early voting is already underway in many parts of the co
Faith Of Other Things
Daniel P. HoranSeptember 22, 2016
Being a saint isn’t being without sin.
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Daniel P. HoranAugust 04, 2016
All the baptized, whatever their particular state of life, are nevertheless running the same course of Christian discipleship.
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Daniel P. HoranMay 04, 2016
This recognition of the importance of context can and should be extended to other areas in the life of the church.
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Daniel P. HoranMarch 03, 2016
It is not enough for white people merely to acknowledge the reality of white privilege, but it is the necessary starting point.
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Daniel P. HoranDecember 22, 2015
As the Gospels remind us and experience confirms, fear is the enemy of Christian discipleship.
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Daniel P. HoranOctober 21, 2015
That Pope Francis would elect to simply have lunch with just the supporting cast, without any “important” people, reflects the unusual priorities of this bishop of Rome.
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Daniel P. HoranSeptember 02, 2015
The catalog of official saints provides a rich diversity of Christian guides.
In All Things
Daniel P. HoranAugust 18, 2015
Those who profess a faith other than Christianity, or no faith at all, should always be welcome