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James T. Keane
Is Sally Rooney the millennial generation's great Catholic writer?
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Ciaran Freeman
Sally Rooney writes for an audience that lacks faith in an institutional church, yet yearns for something to believe in. She writes for me and my friends.
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Ron Marasco
Beyond all its virtuosity and shine, James Merrill's writing style always had a canny, wry and often mensch-like grasp of human nature.
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Erika Rasmussen
Tola Rotimi Abraham is from Lagos, Nigeria. She writes this, her debut novel, with one foot placed in the intimate and communal confines of Lagos and the other inside her characters’ heads.
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Harry Readhead
Alex Michaelides's new novel is a taut and diligently plotted detective story, entertaining as well as readable in a single sitting.
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Elizabeth Grace Matthew
Emily Oster's new book wades through the data on questions relevant to many parents of school-age kids. But the book is less about the data itself and more about how to frame decisions on these topics and others in the most effective, logical and efficient way.