Benjamin Ivry July 16, 2019
During her lifetime, poetry turned into a vocation that helped Marie Ponsot achieve her true essence.
Renée Darline Roden July 12, 2019
Pete Holmes discovers a new meaning to Christ’s words “Go and do likewise,” not as a moralistic command, but as a call to an awakening, a conversion, the practice Catholic tradition calls the “imitation of Christ.”
Zac Davis July 12, 2019
Kristen Arnett’s novel is about intimacy and wanting what is forbidden, about childhood and family, about absent parents and absent lovers, and about the secondhand self-destruction that can be wrought by ignoring cries of the heart.
Composite: iStock/Ciaran Freeman
Tom Deignan July 11, 2019
Science fiction writers continue to turn to religious characters, imagery and ideas to sort things out.
Author James Lee Burke stands in Lolo, Mont., July 7, 2005.(AP Photo/The Missoulian, Linda Thompson)
In 37 novels and two short story collections, Burke writes about characters who struggle to do good in a context of pervasive evil.
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Christine E. McCarthy June 28, 2019
As the multicultural educator Robin DiAngelo points out in her recent book, "White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism," many white people fail even to recognize racism for what it really is.