Condoleezza Rice addresses a Sept. 1 ceremony at the University of Notre Dame where a new postage stamp honoring Father Theodore Hesburgh was issued (CNS photo/courtesy Barbara Johnston, University of Notre Dame).
Arts & Culture Books
Lisa A. BaglioneNovember 13, 2017
With ‘Democracy,’ Rice has written a highly accessible book that identifies the essential building blocks of democracy.
"Last Supper of Christ" by Jacopo Tintoretto
Faith Ideas
Pascal-Emmanuel GobryNovember 06, 2017
Hart argues that the New Testament condemns not only wealth but virtually all private possession.
Arts & Culture Ideas
Nadra Nittle November 03, 2017
This year, Toni Morrison's "Beloved" and "Song of Solomon" turn 30 and 40, respectively. What role did the author's conversion to Catholicism play in her writing?
 Specialist Capezza. My Lai, Vietnam. March 16, 1968. PFC Capezza shown setting a fire during the My Lai massacre, in which between 300 and 500 Vietnamese civilians were killed. Photo by Ronald Haberle
Politics & Society Books
Thomas C. FoxNovember 01, 2017
This is a book about war, about inhumane acts, about personal and institutional instincts of self-preservation.
Image: Wikimedia Commons/Benjamin D. Maxham
Arts & Culture Books
Franklin FreemanNovember 01, 2017
Three recent books on Thoreau, prompted by the the 200th anniversary of his birth, deepen our understanding of him.
Arts & Culture Video
America FilmsOctober 31, 2017
A profile of Liam Callanan, author and the 2017 recipient of The George W. Hunt, S.J., Prize for Excellence in Journalism, Arts & Letters.