Nick Ripatrazone has written for Rolling Stone, The Atlantic, The Paris Review and Esquire. His newest book is Ember Days, a collection of stories.

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Nick Ripatrazone March 29, 2019
Jordan Peele’s incarnation of the show will certainly get people thinking—and talking.
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Nick Ripatrazone February 13, 2019
A comprehensive new book takes us all the way through Hell.
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Nick Ripatrazone January 10, 2019

“Anyone can do any amount of work,” wrote the American humorist Robert Benchley, “provided it isn’t the work he is supposed to be doing at that moment.” Procrastination is an act of will, the choice to postpone what needs to be done.

Photo of John Cheever from AP
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Nick Ripatrazone November 30, 2018
The simultaneous pull of love and sadness is pure Cheever and permeates his Christmas story.
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Nick Ripatrazone October 24, 2018
At a moment when reporters are being criticized from all sides, 'The Quiet American' feels painfully prescient.
Faith Features
Nick Ripatrazone July 27, 2018
In 1949, a priest with a searchlight spotted something puzzling in the sky. The mystery remains unexplained.
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Nick Ripatrazone April 24, 2018
In Brimhall’s work, Catholicism is a faith that marries the sensual and the sacred.
 Lionello Fabbri/SCIENCE SOURCE
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Nick Ripatrazone January 30, 2018
The Vatican Museums and the Andy Warhol Museum are finalizing a dual exhibition of Warhol’s religious works in Rome.
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Nick Ripatrazone January 09, 2018
My fishing life has been a series of snagged lines and broken dreams.
Artist and underground filmmaker Andy Warhol poses with one of Polaroid's new film cameras, the Polavision camera, which features instant replay on television screens, Feb. 1, 1978. (AP Photo/Dave Pickoff)
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Nick Ripatrazone December 27, 2017
Their Catholicism was not incidental to their theories and their art; it was their structure, their spirit and their sustenance.