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Ryan RichardsonSeptember 20, 2017
A new book situates the Legion within the shameful history of French colonialism.
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James R. KellySeptember 19, 2017
For those who still want to believe that a full JFK presidency would surely have led to an American Camelot, this book is not for you.
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J. Greg PhelanSeptember 13, 2017
Elizabeth Strout’s new short story collection offers an array of poignant case studies portraying this legacy of trauma.
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Roger BergmanSeptember 13, 2017
"Stand your ground" laws typically expand the historic reach of the “castle doctrine,” the right in English common law to defending one’s own property.
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Gregory HillisSeptember 11, 2017
A new introduction could plant seeds in children that will perhaps flower later in life.
Mary Berry
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Sean Salai, S.J.September 05, 2017
Ms. Berry talks about her father's work as a farmer and writer, and what it means to live "sanely and consciously."