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Joseph McAuleyDecember 13, 2017
Larger-than-life figures, social mayhem, political chaos and a foreign war.
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David GibsonDecember 01, 2017
A new book shows Bishop Robert Barron's ambitious plans to evangelize culture in the United States.
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Jon M. SweeneyDecember 01, 2017
Every now and then, one comes across a book that seems unique. Its authors, editors and publisher are not so much meeting an already-expressed need as they are anticipating (or creating) one.
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Elizabeth DesimoneNovember 30, 2017
In a roundabout way, Pullman does Christians a service by writing his anti-Christian books.
Westminster Abbey, London, England (iStock)
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Robert E. Hosmer, Jr.November 30, 2017
As a movement directed at unity and uniformity (Henry’s vision), the English Reformation was a high-stakes failure.
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Willy ThornNovember 29, 2017
Khadivi writes well about three Southern California faiths colliding: nature worship, self worship and a generic desire “to know God.”