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The EditorsJune 22, 2017
Callanan, a professor and novelist from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, will be awarded the $25,000 Catholic literary prize.
James Martin, S.J. (Photo: Dan Creighton, Fordham University)
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James Martin, SJJune 19, 2017
Even negative reactions are part of the conversation that I hoped the book would generate about L.G.B.T. Catholics.
Julián Carrón and Rod Dreher (CNS photos Gregory A. Shemitz/The Trinity Forum) 
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Jason BlakelyJune 14, 2017
In sharp contrast to Rod Dreher, Julian Carrón does not think Christians should disown contemporary society as a new “Dark Age.”
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John W. O'MalleyJune 13, 2017
Largely forgotten today, Ignaz von Döllinger was one of the most widely respected Catholic intellectuals of his day.
Johanna Pung made this for Wikimedia Deutschland
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Thomas R. MurphyJune 09, 2017
Thomas Murphy, S.J. reviews "The Book that Changed America: How Darwin’s Theory of Evolution Ignited a Nation" by Randall Fuller.
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J. J. CarneyJune 09, 2017
J.J. Carney reviews "Age of Anger: A History of the Present" by Pankaj Mishra.