July 7-14, 2014

Vol. 211 / No. 1

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July 7-14, 2014

Alex MikulichJune 24, 2014

'A Watchful Man,' biography of Paul Robeson by Jordan Goodman


What better way to introduce our readers to more black Catholic writers than to ask a selection of black Catholic intellectuals to tell us about their favorite books by their fellow writers?

"Band of Sisters" behind the scenes: Mary Fishman with JoAnn Persch, R.S.M., and Pat Murphy, R.S.M.
John AndersonJune 24, 2014

There is nothing quite like a nun with a voice.This month, 50 years after Soeur Sourire, the Belgian singing sister, topped the charts with her pop hit “Dominique” (and received the dubious distinction two years later of being portrayed on screen by Debbie Reynolds), Sister Cristina Scuc

Margaret YoungJune 24, 2014

One February morning, pausebetween kitchen and dining roomto weep at Belle and Sebastiansinging about God. The cold is goodfor maple syrup, makes sap run,you aren’t sure how, or why this pretty popsong makes you snivel and drip like a cuttwig. You’ve seen God on Bisson street,God in a bi

The Word
John W. MartensJune 24, 2014

The parable of the weeds among the wheat is found only in Matthew and it is an eschatological parable a parable about the Final Judgment For gardeners it evokes memories of hours in the garden distinguishing between weeds and desirable plants which is harder to do than one might think at leas

The Word
John W. MartensJune 24, 2014

Why did Jesus speak to people in parables Scholars are agreed beyond doubt that Jesus taught in parables The parable is a type of speech act in which the speaker attempts to draw comparisons between one thing and another In fact the Greek word parabol might best be translated ldquo comparison

James T. KeaneJune 24, 2014

The pope is not blaming the crony capitalists of the third world. He’s blaming us.