Cyprian DavisJune 24, 2014
What better way to introduce our readers to more black Catholic writers than to ask a selection of black Catholic intellectuals to tell us about their favorite books by their fellow writers?
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Cyprian DavisMay 08, 2006
Feelings regarding race run deep in the history of New Orleans At the close of World War II returning black G I rsquo s were no longer willing to accept the many unjust racial laws or observe the many petty laws and regulations that made up daily life in the southern states A new and different c
Cyprian DavisFebruary 09, 2004
Pierre Toussaint was born a slave in Haiti on the B rard plantation known as L rsquo Artibonite According to the most recent chronology the year was 1781 The young Toussaint was spared the grueling toil of work on the fields His labor was in the household where he learned to read and write Fr
Cyprian DavisApril 22, 2002
At the close of the 19th century a religious sister in New Orleans left to her sisters and to future generations a written history of the community to which she belonged What is unusual is that this history was written by a black woman a member of a community of black sisters founded before the