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Spring Literary Review 2020

Vol. 222 / No. 9

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Caroline Gordon and Flannery O’Connor (photo: Wikipedia/AP)
Arts & Culture Books
Maura SheaApril 24, 2020

At the start of their correspondence, Flannery O’Connor was the gifted student and Caroline Gordon was the seasoned, exacting teacher.

Arts & Culture Books
Renée Darline RodenApril 24, 2020

Like language, cartography is a miracle that insists the unique slice of universe we view from the perspective of our own minds and hearts is—against all odds—expressible.

Arts & Culture Books
Mike St. ThomasApril 24, 2020

The fiction of Catholic writers (and their lapsed Catholic brethren) has been described as "an invitation to mystery, not mastery, to communion, not control."

Arts & Culture Books
Ryan Di CorpoApril 24, 2020

Jim Forest's memoir functions as both a personal history and a snapshot of a tumultuous era in American society—the 1960s—when Forest solidified his opposition to unjust war and his faith in active nonviolence.

Arts & Culture Books
James T. KeaneApril 24, 2020

From features on contemporary writers to looks back at some of our greatest literary figures, along with poetry, biography, social criticism and more, our Spring Books 2020 issue has something for everyone (well, almost everyone).

Miguel de Unamuno has been mostly forgotten in the English-speaking world, but he was one of the most important Spanish intellectuals of the twentieth century (photo: AP).
Arts & Culture Books
Michial FarmerApril 24, 2020

The short story “San Manuel Bueno, Martir” by the Spanish existentialist Miguel de Unamuno can help us to sort out the feelings of the unbelieving minister.

Arts & Culture Poetry
Jane ZwartApril 24, 2020

Well, I am shy of miracles and shy of the talk of miracles.