October 15, 2018

Vol. 219 / No. 8

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October 15, 2018

Arts & Culture Ideas
Anna J. MarcheseSeptember 13, 2018

“8beats,” the brainchild of the Catholic Creatives, is an ambitious new project: a cinematic anthology on the beatitudes.

AJ Smith, the lead pastor of Restoration Church
Arts & Culture Ideas
Ashley McKinlessSeptember 26, 2018

A new season of the podcast “Startup” takes us into the church planting movement

Arts & Culture Books
Mark SullivanOctober 04, 2018

The story of Kerry’s faith journey is among the most evocative parts of the new memoir by the former Democratic presidential candidate and secretary of state.

Arts & Culture Books
Kevin SpinaleOctober 04, 2018

Alan Jacobs’s new book is a collage of the intellectual considerations of five thinkers who, in their experience of the violence of World War II and their revulsion at the fascism that fueled it, contemplate the nature of education and its renewal after the anticipated Allied victory.

Arts & Culture Books
Benjamin IvryOctober 05, 2018

Karen J. Johnson focuses on the minority of white Catholics who felt that racial equality was a moral and religious, not merely political, issue.

Arts & Culture Books
Maureen K. DayOctober 05, 2018

The Catholic Church needs to recognize that moved from a secular public sphere—marked by separate and specialized spheres of economy, science, faith and so forth that manage their own concerns in an insular way—to a postsecular public sphere, in which a multiplicity of voices and expertise are

Arts & Culture Film
Jim McDermottOctober 03, 2018

On the eve of Romero’s canonization, the film’s actors and writers look back at the seminal biopic