Anna J. Marchese is a member of the Jesuit Volunteer Corps and a former intern at America.

Arts & Culture Books
Anna J. MarcheseFebruary 07, 2020
Lauren Duca counters the claim that Gen Z and millennial cohorts are detached from the political process with examples of people moved, primarily by the ascendency of Trump, to advocate for change.
Faith News Analysis
Anna J. MarcheseJune 21, 2019
Those who have experienced the “Catholic internet” have glimpsed the various camps that are regularly at odds with one another over the finer points of liturgy, doctrine and, yes, Jordan Peterson.
Arts & Culture Ideas
Anna J. MarcheseSeptember 13, 2018
“8beats,” the brainchild of the Catholic Creatives, is an ambitious new project: a cinematic anthology on the beatitudes.
Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and his disciples at Rajneeshpuram (Credit: Netflix)
Arts & Culture Television
Anna J. MarcheseMay 24, 2018
Sometimes the best way to understand a phenomenon is to look at its parody.
Jordan Peterson delivering a lecture at the University of Toronto in 2017. Photo by Adam Jacobs (Wikimedia).
Arts & Culture Ideas
Anna J. MarcheseApril 27, 2018
Mr. Peterson's ‘12 Rules for Life’ has sold over 700,000 copies in the United States.
Retired Bishop Gordon D. Bennett of Mandeville, Jamaica, poses for a photo with an attendees of the 12th National Black Catholic Congress on July 9 in Orlando. (CNS/courtesy Nancy Jo Davis, National Black Catholic Congress)
Faith Dispatches
Anna J. MarcheseJuly 28, 2017

The Catholic Church in the United States boasts 71 million members, 2.9 million of whom are black.