August 6, 2018

Vol.219 / No.3

August 6, 2018

Arts & Culture Books

Sam Rocha demonstrates his renaissance dexterity as a thinker, musician and teacher.

Arts & Culture Books
Laura GoodeJuly 27, 2018

Donald Hall tries to place a seal upon his own literary legacy by remixing his best origin stories and famous friendships.

Arts & Culture Books
Jenny ShankJuly 27, 2018

A frank and immersive foray into the world of Filipino-American immigrants to the United States.

Arts & Culture Books
José DueñoJuly 27, 2018

Terry Eagleton traces the history of sacrifice in literature and philosophy.

Bodys Isek Kingelez. Ville Fantôme. 1996. 
Arts & Culture Art

The Congolese artist has left us a form of art that transcends political and aesthetic categories.

Arts & Culture Poetry
Laura Reece HoganJuly 27, 2018

reaching for Teresa reaching for Thérèse reaching for Teresa reaching for the utter center of the divine diamond fruit, an arrow into flame

Faith The Word
Michael SimoneJuly 27, 2018

Jesus’ disciples today find in his teaching the “bread” that keeps them going.