November 13, 2017

Vol.217 / No.11

November 13, 2017

Politics & Society Of Many Things
J.D. Long-García November 02, 2017

The nation has changed, once again. This time we are becoming more Latino. The demographic shift is not the future; it is the present.

Politics & Society Your Take
Our readers November 02, 2017

As the first anniversary of the 2016 presidential election nears, America asked readers about their engagement with politics on the local level.

Magazine Your Take
Our readers November 03, 2017

Has the church been wrong on the issue of the death penalty as morally acceptable up to now?

Politics & Society Editorials
The Editors November 02, 2017

It costs more to be poor in the United States.

Politics & Society Editorials
The Editors November 02, 2017

There is nothing patriotic about a disregard for facts.

Politics & Society Short Take
Claire Swinarski August 29, 2017

With the E.P.A. under threat, Catholics should remember our responsibility to protect all of the earth’s most vulnerable inhabitants.

Politics & Society Dispatches
Kevin Clarke October 12, 2017

The president’s threats, according to the statement, “have brought the world to the brink of a nuclear catastrophe and have intensified global insecurity.”