August 21, 2017

Vol.217 / No.4

August 21, 2017

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The story spans 60 years, and as Broderick tells the tale of Roza Mojewska and Otto Brack he tells the story of Poland itself, touching on Hitler’s goal of annihilating the Poles to give the Germans space.

Arts & Culture Books

The book grapples with the biggest of issues: the meaning of life, the problem of evil and the value of praying to a God who seems only rarely to intervene in human affairs.

Arts & Culture Books
Elizabeth Bruenig July 05, 2017

Instead of the fusty old churchman we all know, Sarah Ruden’s Augustine is a dreamer, an artist, a poet.

Arts & Culture Books
Paul Lauritzen August 15, 2017

Paul Lauritzen reviews "War: An Enquiry" by A. C. Grayling

Arts & Culture Music
David Dark July 17, 2017

Is it possible to seek total global pop domination and to remain somehow soulful, sane and socially righteous?

Arts & Culture Poetry
James Matthew Wilson July 17, 2017

Only the next day could
The mystery begin,
Its shocking fount of sparks
In darkness now a memory,
And the cooled cylinder
Drowsing on the charred smear
Of driveway. To approach
In the abandoned silence
And lift it up—which has,

Arts & Culture Poetry
Joe Hoover, S.J. July 28, 2017

How does one define Christian poetry?