Arts & Culture Poetry
James Matthew WilsonNovember 01, 2019
But then they come, the slow gray monoliths.
Arts & Culture Poetry
James Matthew WilsonDecember 14, 2018
It’s hard to accept that we are called to praise. What shout of joy amid such poverty?
Arts & Culture Poetry
James Matthew WilsonMarch 08, 2018
A boy at a front door, a shadowy guest.
Arts & Culture Poetry
James Matthew WilsonJuly 17, 2017

Only the next day could
The mystery begin,
Its shocking fount of sparks
In darkness now a memory,
And the cooled cylinder
Drowsing on the charred smear
Of driveway. To approach
In the abandoned silence
And lift it up—which has,

James Matthew WilsonFebruary 23, 2016
This morning, I hauled to the streetA heavy wooden pallet, so beatThe workmen had left it behind:Its boards, rough-hewn and splinteringAgainst the asphalt. When I leanedIt on the dumpster, with some twineAnd flattened cardboard boxes, too,For the trash-man, a March gust blewAnd overturned what I had
James Matthew WilsonAugust 06, 2015
 I/Blaise Pascal“The silence of these infinite spaces frightens me:The dark dissolves to numbered points and emptiness.I’ve tried to write of it, but the imploding blank Swallows what words I speak, absorbs the light I seek.I prayed. I knelt, but the rings round the plafond shr