Faith Features
Elizabeth Bruenig July 25, 2017
Without quite knowing it, I had begun to rely on the tradition of the Roman Catholic Church.
Arts & Culture Books
Elizabeth Bruenig July 05, 2017
Instead of the fusty old churchman we all know, Sarah Ruden’s Augustine is a dreamer, an artist, a poet.
Politics & Society Short Take
Elizabeth Bruenig February 28, 2017
The attraction of Trump’s brand of conservatism is that it recognizes the meaning in place, patriotism and culture.
Politics & Society Opinion
Elizabeth Bruenig January 09, 2017
Activists do not yet seem to have developed plans for engaging voters on the opposing side.
Faith Features
Elizabeth Bruenig December 23, 2014
The word vocation, originally used to indicate lives directly consecrated to God through priestly or religious service, has recently come into use in a much broader fashion. To expand vocation to include the whole range of ways that lives can be given to God is a fair and sensible extension. After a
Politics & Society Features
Elizabeth Bruenig October 10, 2014
During my year in the United Kingdom I kept up obsessively with news of home. It is not a habit that is encouraged among students abroad, but I expected with the sort of headlines I followed I would not be missing much. How is it possible, I then reasoned, to read about controversial or troubling ev