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Richard W. GarnettJune 29, 2015
The Eighth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States prohibits the infliction of cruel and unusual punishments. It has long been established that this ban does not categorically rule out the death penalty.
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Richard W. GarnettJune 26, 2015
Court-watchers and constitutional-law experts almost unanimously expected that the justices would do what they did in nbsp Obergefell v Hodges nbsp The result is not a surprise nor is the fact that the author of the opinion for the five-justice majority was Justice Kennedy His opinion in today r
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Richard W. GarnettJune 19, 2015
Court rules on church sign regulations and specialty license plates
Richard W. GarnettOctober 27, 2003
The United States Supreme Court seems to have settled on the view that our Constitution limits regulates but in the end still permits the death penalty So what Franklin Zimring calls the contradictions of American capital punishment will likely be resolved if ever through dialogue and debate in