Richard A. BlakeNovember 23, 2016
Yes, Peter O’Toole did have a life after “Lawrence of Arabia.”
Orson Welles in ”Citizen Kane”
Richard A. BlakeJuly 20, 2016
"In short, it is the story of a media manipulator who strove to turn his celebrity into elective office. Draw what parallels you may."
Richard A. BlakeApril 06, 2016
'Groucho Marx,' by Lee Siegel
Vantage Point
Richard A. BlakeDecember 18, 2015
"Star Wars" is original and surprising. It is witty, not only in its comic dialogue, but in its ability to spoof itself and the science-fiction genre without going for the cheap laugh.
Richard A. BlakeJune 05, 2015
This year marks the centennial of D. W. Griffith’s masterpiece, “The Birth of a Nation.” Who cares? Or who should? After all, it’s really only an embarrassing antique. Film historians have long extolled its artistic innovation as the foundation of the modern motion picture. S
Richard A. BlakeJuly 15, 2013
A selection of reviews of Woody Allen's films from former America film critic and Allen biographer, Richard A. Blake, S.J.
Richard A. BlakeMarch 26, 2012
In search of the real Thornton Wilder
Richard A. BlakeOctober 04, 2010
The outlandish, out-sized life of Sarah Bernhardt
Richard A. BlakeMay 10, 2010
Robert Bresson's films explore the mysteries of grace.
Richard A. BlakeJanuary 04, 2010

Cormac McCarthy's "The Road"