Jon M. Sweeney is a frequent contributor to America and the author of many books including Francis of Assisi in His Own Words and, for children, The Pope’s Cat series, illustrated by Roy DeLeon.
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Jon M. SweeneyMay 04, 2018
A graphic novel about Pope Francis.
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Jon M. SweeneyApril 24, 2018
Every Christian needs a better understanding of the Jewish origins of his or her faith.
Faith Features
Jon M. SweeneyMarch 05, 2018
People have been asking this question for decades.
Politics & Society Features
Jon M. SweeneyFebruary 21, 2018
Remembering Billy Graham’s relationships with presidents, priests and popes.
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Jon M. SweeneyDecember 01, 2017
Every now and then, one comes across a book that seems unique. Its authors, editors and publisher are not so much meeting an already-expressed need as they are anticipating (or creating) one.
Black Elk as a Catholic teacher and as a Lakota leader. (Left photo: Marquette University Archives, Bureau of Catholic Indian Mission Records, ID 00559; right photo: Marquette University Archives, Bureau of Catholic Indian Mission Records, ID 01287/Ben Hunt)
Faith Features
Jon M. SweeneyOctober 01, 2017
Sainthood for Black Elk could help the inclusion of indigenous Americans within the Catholic Church, but it also raises questions about the church's role in erasing Lakota culture.
Ivan Kramskoy Painting a Portrait of his Daughter
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Jon M. SweeneyJune 02, 2017
Jon Sweeney reviews "Lessons in Hope: My Life with John Paul II," "Milosz: A Biography," and "This Long Pursuit: Reflections of a Romantic Biographer."
There are a few genuine public intellectuals among professors of religion, and Cornel West is chief among them. Here he is pictured, center, protesting against police brutality in New York City in 2015.
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Jon M. SweeneyFebruary 16, 2017
Very few professors become best-selling authors, but it happens.
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Jon M. SweeneyOctober 27, 2016
So what defines a Catholic novel? I am still struggling with that question. But I know that that which asks most of us is most worthy of us.
Jon M. SweeneyJune 23, 2016
'The Relic Master,' by Christopher Buckley; 'The Man Who Loved Birds,' by Fenton Johnson; "The Thing About December,' by Donal Ryan