John W. O’Malley, S.J., is University Professor emeritus in the theology department at Georgetown University.
John W. O’MalleyApril 20, 2009
Three experts on church history and governance discuss Marco Politi's article on episcopal collaboration.
Arts & Culture Books
John W. O’MalleyMay 07, 2007
Most people find few aspects of Jesuit history more fascinating than the mission of the Jesuits to China Matteo Ricci invariably depicted wearing Mandarin dress has assumed legendary status as a precocious herald of cultural accommodation He was succeeded by such other Jesuits of heroic stature
Arts & Culture Books
John W. O’MalleyApril 25, 2005
The title of this book is misleading The book is not about the evolution of Christianity but about the evolution of doctrine mdash or theology as Marshall D Johnson calls it in his introduction The 12 crises therefore are crises about what Christians normatively believe The author whose prio
John W. O’MalleyFebruary 24, 2003
On the fortieth anniversary of its opening, two distinguished Jesuit theologians looked back on the myths and realities of Vatican II.
Some Basics About Celibacy
Faith Faith and Reason
John W. O’MalleyOctober 28, 2002
Why and how did the celibate state became a requirement for ordination?